Simple Change, Significant Improvement

Carbon dioxide has been proven to minimize patient discomfort associated with bloating and cramping from room air.1 The MEDIVATORS® ENDO STRATUS® CO2 Insufflator allows clinicians to provide optimal procedure comfort for the patient.


Improved Visualization and Patient Comfort

Deliver irrigation for GI endoscope procedures with a warm water option by utilizing the EndoStratus™ Irrigation Pump. Combine the pump with any GI endoscope and irrigate through the auxilary water jet or biopsy channel to improve procedural visibility.


1.Dellon, E.S. (2009). The use of carbon dioxide for insufflation during GI endoscopy: a systematic review. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 69(4), 843-849.

ENDO STRATUS CO2 and Irrigation Pump.jpg

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