AmplifEYE® Endoscopic Device

AmplifEYE® Endoscopic Device is specially designed for gastroenterologists seeking the highest rate of adenomatous polyp detection.
Flexible detection arms separate the folds, bringing polyps into view.


  • Unique material formulation creates a smooth surface for easy scope advancement without bunching or dragging of the lumen wall
  • Single row of detection arms allow for better scope stability for efficient and effective tissue resection
  • Flexible detection arms separate the folds – bringing adenomatous polyps into view
  • The secure-fit internal geometry ensures the device fits securely to the scope                                                                                                 


* AmplifEYE® is not available in Germany. 

AmplifEYE on endoscope copy_Websitepic

* AmplifEYE is not available in Germany. 


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